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Who will never vaccinate except if forced to for visa reasons ? and do you think that they will force us ?

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hi, I cannot find any information but until now it seems that no country has forced vaccination for expats to renew visa ?   do you think that it will happen here ?   it would be s

I hope Darwin takes care of the problem of anti vaxers.   https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/man-who-made-fun-vaccination-efforts-social-media-dies-covid-n1274922   And sometimes

It's always interesting how those who hold such a low regard for vaccination have such a poor grasp of the English language (assuming you are English of course), also a poor grasp of science.  

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They could easily say you need vaccination to enter Thailand  to make it mandatory to stay would be difficult at a government level.  Certainly individual employers. By the time Thailand has enough around at this rate,covid-19 will be over, or mutated into some new covid with a new vaccine. It does not seem practical. Remember Buriram province said vaccinate or go to jail, when does that start?

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It's already becoming easier to travel if fully vaccinated.


As someone mentions i'm sure non vaccinated people will still be able to travel but likely to be more hoops to jump through.

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3 hours ago, Captain Monday said:

...Remember Buriram province said vaccinate or go to jail, when does that start?

So far, nobody in authority in Buriram has said that.

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9 hours ago, MrJ2U said:

I think everyone needs to be vaccinated.  Unvaccinated people are pools for the virus to mutate into different variants.


Heres a headline from AP news;


Nearly all COVID deaths in US are now among unvaccinated



It doesn’t matter. If u have a problem, stay home. 

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8 hours ago, TallGuyJohninBKK said:

In the U.S., there have been nutjob groups of anti-vax medical workers, mainly in Republican/Trump states like Texas and Florida AFAICT, who have been refusing and fighting their employers efforts to require that they be vaccinated.


Now today we have this:


Doctors, nurses and medical groups call for mandatory coronavirus vaccinations for health workers


The health and safety of the nation 'depends on it,’ says a statement signed by 57 groups.


"Medical groups representing millions of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health workers on Monday called for mandatory vaccinations of all U.S. health personnel against the coronavirus, framing the move as a moral imperative as new infections mount sharply.


“We call for all health care and long-term care employers to require their employees to be vaccinated against covid-19,” the American Medical Association, the American Nurses Association and 55 other groups wrote in a joint statement shared with The Washington Post. “The health and safety of U.S. workers, families, communities, and the nation depends on it.”






To be honest with the risk in the health sector and the fact your working in the health sector (you know where science should rule over quackery) you should take your vaccine or work somewhere else. How can you be anti vax and work in the health service.


Maybe if all sick cost because of covid had to be paid by those refusing and not their employers it would be ok, but that still leaves extra pressure on their co workers if they do get sick.

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5 hours ago, Puccini said:

So far, nobody in authority in Buriram has said that.

Did the Buriram authorities say vaccinate or apply to get vaccinated? 

Like throw a cigarette butt and get 100,000 baht fine?I think this will go the same way.

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1 hour ago, robblok said:

I think i gave a perfect example of Darwin with the guy trolling the internet a stupid religious idiot refusing to take the medicine and dying. Seems Darwins law is working. 

A key portion of Darwin's work has been popularly summarized as 'survival of the fittest.' Your statement implied that the anti-vaxxer OP could die off because without the vaccine he wouldn't be fit enough to fight off Covid. Darwinian theory could be used to support that I guess.


My statement was that in the coronatime, pure natural selection has been subverted by human action. Ie, we take major action to protect the less fit at the expense of the more fit. Our actions will probably saves the lives of people like the OP (along with thousands of other old and weak people) that otherwise wouldn't have made it through this thing.



brought to you by the " I want my fun back and I don't care who has to die for me"  

Yes, at this point in the pandemic I am fine openly admitting that I think this. As long as the trajectory of deaths is within 1% of pop per annum and no net global population decrease, let it rip. Some people will die. The vast majority won't. Worth it.


1 hour ago, robblok said:

As far as i know your young like what i was when i came here, maybe its time to go back for you ? Most European countries open up. Then you have your freedom back. I could go back too if i wanted but even locked down here is better then Europe.

I'm heading back to Canada a couple of weeks from now to catch the West Coast summer. Would've left as soon as this round of strict lockdowns was imposed, but logistics prevented it. Hope you stay safe if you're riding out the pandemic here. Could be a good few months yet before vaccines normalize the situation.

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