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Top Thai virologist claims herd immunity does not work with COVID-19


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GThis news is already know for a longer time... I wrote several weeks ago that only 100% vaccinated people can get herd immunity, but than it is not her immunity anymore especially for mthe Delta. So no news only copied news. and not 1 country is already 100% vaccinated.

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Did he just wake up and Google this ?


OMG, so is he suggesting that Covid which is spread by the carrier isn't actually spread by the carrier. The opposite to how it's actually spreads ?


WOW..... that would mean a heck of a lot of people stepping onto rusty nails then.


The man's a genius, I need my coffee to early for this BS 1st thing in the morning, then I'm going for my Tetanus shot just to be sure, to be sure Paddy.


Herd immunity does not protect against all vaccine-preventable diseases. The best example of this is tetanus, which is caught from bacteria in the environment, not from other people who have the disease. No matter how many people around you are vaccinated against tetanus, it will not protect you from tetanus.

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9 hours ago, webfact said:

He said that, when the majority of people in a country have developed immunity, whether from vaccinations or after being infected with a disease, such as measles, the minority who have not been vaccinated or who have not been infected by the disease will be protected from the infection.

When we reach the minority... still a long way to go.

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1 hour ago, Inala said:

This headline is contradictory. In one breath, he says forget about herd immunity.... 


“Forget about herd immunity because it will not work with COVID-19.” 


In the next breath, he says....


"...when the majority of people in a country have developed immunity"......"the minority who have not been vaccinated or who have not been infected by the disease will be protected from the infection"


The link explains it a bit better, but his point still remains weak as water. This is not a good piece of journalism.

Not good journalism, that's normal and usually understood. 

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33 minutes ago, WinterGael said:

This is exactly what they are saying  out of Europe   just with better example.  I have read a report and seen a video, and based off of all technical information,  many western experts are saying herd immunity is a pipe dream, just like the flu.  You can catch COVID more than once, you can have COVID and spread it even after being vaccinated. It mutates, and like the flu vaccine, you get vaccinated for one strain, and end up catching another strain. So herd immunity is not going to happen. 

But, if Covid is spreading around in the general population (like the flu has forever), then eventually, there will be many cases (like the flu) but only very few severe cases. However, I listened to an inteview with an epidemiologist recently who said that we might not reach that state for 3-4 generations. We have to just adjust and accept that Covid is now a new cause of illness. We should take reasonable precautions (masks, for example) but try to get back to normal and not expect that any measures (for example 14-day quarantines) will reduce the transmission risk to zero.

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