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Fake News! MoPH says mRNA vax is not radioactive!


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Thai caption: "Ministry of Public Health react to "fake news""


Sanook reported that Dr Suphakij Sirilak, director of the Department of Medical Sciences and other senior health officials appeared on Facebook Live to talk about new strains of Covid-19 in Thailand.


Suphakit said that testing for new strains was a continuing process but there were none.


They are all Delta, Alpha and Beta at the moment; Delta accounted for 97.5%, Alpha 2.2% and Beta 0.3%.


It was also stated during the broadcast that online rumors that mRNA vaccines were radioactive were untrue.


Tests were done on every batch and if any irregularities were found the whole batch would be discarded. 


Presence of "nanoparticles" were within US and EU parameters, it was stated. 


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8 minutes ago, johng said:

Windscale   renamed to Sellafield   after the UK's worst nuclear accidents occurred there as if everyone would just forget !


Search YouTube for "our reactor is on fire" for several documentaries.

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42 minutes ago, garygooner said:

So if bars can be open for New Year some people won't have a problem proving their vaccine status! 

Just don't panic if your dentures glow in the bars, it's only the UV light shining on them.

images (4).png

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"Fake News! MoPH says mRNA vax is not radioactive!"


I think this is all put out by the government.  


there's such high demand for the Pfeizer they will be out of it this



The news I'm hearing is nobody wants the Sinovac.  There is plenty of it about to expire.

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8 hours ago, Chad3000 said:

So we are clear. Nobody has the vaguest idea what strains are floating around and in what numbers. Hospitals can't test for this. All they have is a wacky PCR test they upcycle and some dubious ATK tests. Same is true in States and world over - it's not a Thai thing.


We've no idea about Delta. Rise in cases could just be laziness and lack of education.


Myself, not worried about glowing but you won't get an mRNA vaccine in my arm!


Thank you for being part of the control group. Your brave and selfless risk-taking will not be forgotten. Good on you! ????????

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6 hours ago, johnmcc6 said:

There always has been new strains and allways will be. some worse than others but over the centuries 99% of them are  beat by your normal human immune system. No way will i take some untested experimental drug. Over 8 decades i have survived swine flu, bird flu ,equine  flue bat flu dengue fever and three marriages .I suspect I have survived many more virus attacks it;s just no one named them.

Its fortunate then that nobody is asking you to take an ' untested , experimental drug ' , but you know that anyway.

If however you are refering to covid vaccines , nobody is forcing them on you either , nobody is even insisting you educate yourself re the vaccines .

Your choice though , not everybody likes to travel I suppose.

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14 hours ago, WhiteBuffaloATM said:

did he also say that the earth is not flat ? needs to keep quiet . just by mentioning radioactivity, one million thais found something else to worry about needlessly re. vax….

no other strains … MU now waiting to enter the conversation ………

I think this was the gist of a previous post. The intent being to slow things down before they ran out of supplies of mRNA. Easier to deflect answers about uptake than those asked about supply.

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A post with an unattributed chart and the replies have been removed.


A post using content from an unapproved social media site has been removed:


18) Social Media content is acceptable in most social forums. However, in factual areas such as news, current affairs and health topics, it cannot be used unless it is from a credible news media source or government agency, and must include a weblink to the original source.


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