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Bangkok bars battle to beat booze ban battering

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A ban on booze in Bangkok has forced bars to come up with novel ideas to make some cash, such as making fruity mocktails Jack TAYLOR AFP


Bangkok (AFP) The Thai capital's once-legendary nightlife has been hammered by a seven-month ban on alcohol service imposed to curb the coronavirus, leaving pub and bar owners with a major headache.


Thailand has registered around 1.7 million infections, the lion's share since April when the government called last orders after an outbreak traced to a cluster of high-end nightclubs.


With no government support, bar owners have been left with the choice of struggling to survive, flouting the prohibition rules or getting creative.


Before the pandemic hit, bar-hopping gin lovers flocked to Teens of Thailand, a lively cocktail bar on the fringe of Bangkok's Chinatown.


Full story: https://www.france24.com/en/live-news/20211024-bangkok-bars-battle-to-beat-booze-ban-battering


-- France 24 2021.10.24

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1 hour ago, Thailand said:

Reopen the bars and ban government officials, should solve the problem.

Tongue in cheek remark yet in reality the bans imposed are fair to all .

However there is a marked increase of closet drinkers developed from the bans with my self included.

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1 hour ago, steven100 said:

I expect bars will be allowed to open & sell alcohol either Nov 15,  or Dec 01.     

It could very well be Nov 15.    

My guess is 15th November too for bar reopening. This would allow 2 weeks after the relaxed entry rules to see if infection rates increase with foreigners arriving.


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40 minutes ago, Brewster67 said:

Strange how the covid stats were cut in half overnight like a flick of a switch.


Much like everything to do with this virus, nothing makes sense at all.


Just saying.

I noticed this as well. We can't seem to get above 10k.


I've not known anyone to have come down with covid other than a few that work in wife's office. Wife's friends bf now has covid. So much for dropping numbers.


When they announced the opening the numbers were dropped about 1k per day

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4 hours ago, Jonathan Fairfield said:

bar owners have been left with the choice of struggling to survive

"Happy hour" - now serving Kratom mocktails!!! (reference link to original article)


Kratom, which stimulates the same brain receptors as morphine but with much milder effects, came off the Thai government's banned list in August................ The move threw .......................a lifeline, though kratom mocktails sell for just $4 compared with regular gin and tonics at $11.

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55 minutes ago, ikke1959 said:

The whole alcohol ban is only because the THai Government is xenophobia of alcohol.. Even in foreign movies it must be blurred.. When do they understand that we are living in the 21st century?? It is easy to control the alcohol consumption .. if you eat you can drink, no food anymore no alcohol, in bars and pubs the restrictions are the responsibility of the bartender or owner... maximun number of people in the bar ... Let people have a live instead of so called protecting them by putting them in jail for nothing

Who's being put in jail?

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56 minutes ago, CrunchWrapSupreme said:

I was at a certain popular seaside destination last weekend. My wife and I had a certain enjoyable beverage served to us in discreet ceramic containers, as if it were coffee.  It definitely wasn’t. ????????


I’m not driving down there from Issan 12 hours, through potholed country roads then BKK traffic, just to have coffee. The beachside proprietor agreed with me. The cheek of it!

But if the owner or customers get caught by the Pattaya police it's big trouble

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