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The carnage continues on the Thai roads: 75 deaths on Monday including Swiss tourist in Phuket


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Picture: Daily News


Daily News reported that 75 "sops" (the Thai word for corpses) were dead at the scene of road accidents on Monday.


As part of their advice to motorists in an ongoing campaign to raise awareness of road safety they called for less speed to save lives.


Their highlighted accident was a collision between an SUV driven by Somchai, 44, that appeared to be a taxi and a Yamaha N-Max motorcycle driven by a 57 year old Swiss tourist. 


Mr Francioli died in hospital.


The media's infographic listed 38 dead Monday.



Graphic: Daily News


Their figures didn't add up as they said 527 had died at the scene this month so far yet ASEAN NOW counted the number as 554. 


In 2019 14,907 died at the scene, in 2020 14,825. 


So far this year the number is 12,364 which compares to 13,843 in the same period last year.


The actual death toll from fatalities at the scene and later in hospital is thought to be at least 20,000 and maybe as high as 25,000.


A million people a year are thought to be injured in road accidents in Thailand.


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Graphic: Daily News
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44 minutes ago, yeahbutif said:

Do we have any policeman who read these forums ? Or can reply as to why this is happening?  So why why Why 

I doubt the police have any time to read internet forums.

They are too busy clearing up after all of the endless accidents.

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Just now, Dmaxdan said:

I would add zero patience to your list. Running red lights, moving forward before the lights turn green and overtaking on a bend or the brow of a hill are all really common examples of this.


As I said my list is just for starters. Please feel free to add to it as their is not enough time in the day for me to list everything Lol

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29 minutes ago, wensiensheng said:

The Swiss “tourist” actually lives in Thailand and is well known locally as a keen cyclist. The taxi (according to the yellow taxi identification sticker on the side) apparently went too fast over the crest of a hill, lost control as a result of water on the road coming from a washing machine station by the roadside, crossed onto the wrong side of the road and simply smashed into the oncoming motorbike.

He never stood a chance and the motorbike was barely recognizable as such. Not helping the motor cyclists cause were the 3ft concrete posts newly installed by the government along the roadside only days before, but the car impact just crushed the motorbike anyway. The car ended up on its side on the grass verge on the opposite side of the road.


unfortunately I was at the spot a few minutes after the impact.

Too fast is a understatement in my judgment from your post . 



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I was working in civil engineering in the UK before being pensionned. Taking care of users was my first priority. If I can emphasize enough, my only priority. It is not the case here. Even if police were doing their job, death rates would still be high. So, add that they are not even doing their jobs and you get these heart-breaking results. 

What a poor article of mine. You all know that. And I will not change anything. I will just walk to the immigration to tell them that I am not a criminal as I do every 3 months.

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