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How to spot the difference between a woman or a ladyboy

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Recently I've seen a couple of almost undetectable LBs, one in a massage shop was very pretty but all the usual giveaways were missing, at the end of the foot massage i still wasn't 100% it was an LB but probably was and I'm professional level at spotting them.


BTW you do get small spinner post op LBs which many people wouldn't guess

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29 minutes ago, OneMoreFarang said:

At the end of the day many of us are able to spot ladyboys, and with years of experience we spot most of them - but not all.

I had a friend who owned a ladyboy bar in Soi 33. I saw lots of "ladies" in his bar. With some of them it was obvious, with others it was a possibility but with very few I would have sworn they are real girls. I asked my friend, the owner, and he assured me that they are all ladyboys. So much about that...


Also don't make the mistake thinking all ladyboys are tall. That is another misconception. 

If it walks like a duck, talk like a duck, it is a duck! Old saying

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1 hour ago, rgraham said:

Watch them walk from behind. When a female puts her foot down her hip will rise, when a man puts his foot down his hip will follow it. This is due to the difference in the construction of the pelvis and cannot be changed.

Most females are putting there foot down more often than men too 

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10 minutes ago, StayinThailand2much said:

Another article from years ago?

The article mentioned covid which has been up and running for two years . 

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3 hours ago, webfact said:

It may provide some relief to know that ladyboys (in Thai: “katoeys”) are very rarely looking to trap and surprise people. 

let me  doubt about that! katoeys can be very aggressive  if they understand you aren't interested in "dating" them

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