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Senator warns that Paetongtarn Shinawatra or Ung Ing, Thaksin’s daughter, is wrong for the job


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22 minutes ago, phetphet said:

You would think that they would learn their lesson and put forward someone other than a Thaksin for the job. It's like a red rag to a bull.


Why she would want to apply for a job that has exiled both her father and aunt? Her father is a billionaire, so she can't want for money...or maybe she does. Or, as I suspect, the puppet master is pulling the strings


But I agree that 35 is far too young to run the country. What other work has she done? What  qualifications does she have?


There may be troubles ahead.

But while there's moonlight

and music and love and romance

let's face the music and dance.

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16 minutes ago, huangnon said:

Hey! Look over there!

The cannabis legalization is just a sideshow distraction from a desperately unpopular government that stole people's democracy and livelihoods at the point of a gun.

Oh no! I feel so deceived..

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2 hours ago, bobbin said:

To be honest, my feelings regarding the current military government have taken a 180 degree turn..


They are now my heroes.


Starting from when the then-Justice Minister declared the Drug War lost and over, the initiative to legalize medical cannabis and culminating in the recent legalization of Cannabis.


This is a bold and long overdue action and hopefully will encourage other countries in the region to follow suit..


A civilian government would have been unlikely to have delivered this policy in any reasonable time-frame given the horse-trading  necessary..


So Ms. Shinawatra and her clan had best get onboard, and how likely is that, with Papa's recent outburst comparing cannabis to opium and heroin?

Your right the only thing they did well was legalize cannabis. Thaksin is a dangerous idiot comparing cannabis to opium. Dont forget he was the one that allowed the killing of drug users to happen. So im not sure what we can expect from the Pheu Thai on that front. 


They probably want to criminalize it again as it was something that made the other side popular. Also the major of BKK was an idiot reporting an overdose on canabis and then after the guys body was examined there was no THC in his blood and he had an heart condition. So not sure about that part.

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1 hour ago, Misterwhisper said:

This is like freakin' deja-vu.


In my opinion, it's rather clear why PTP fields an unexperienced "girly" like Paetongtarn. who at 35 years old cannot possibly have attained the political acumen to head a government and whose knowledge of economics is limited to spending her family's wealth....


Then again, Thai politics has NEVER been about political competence and fielding the right people. Instead it's ALWAYS been who is going to get their turn at the feeding trough next.

Okay...so first of all, PTP hasn't fielded this woman as their leader, this is the response of people to a NIDA Poll. You know, as in "I, Prayuth, NEED A Poll that shows I am a popular Prime Minister..." That he finished 3rd in a NEED A Poll is about as big a condemnation as you're likely to observe in this land when it comes to powerful people who gained it via having guns.


Second of all, while your last sentence is true, why should it be accepted as being so? When it appears that there may actually be an independent candidate or party, he's sure to be quickly moved to the side (do you recall Thanathorn?). And don't think this is just the Military who were on board with that; the Democrats and Peua Thai would similarly be pleased to see him shuffled off to the sidelines. That's what they REALLY don't want! But second-worst is Thaksin, who for all of his bluster, lack of respect for institutions and corruption did something nobody else had previously done - pointed the government firehose of funds towards the North and Northeast and decentralized power to them. That's something they'll never forgive, and why he's still Public Enemy Number One. Once the people realized that this was possible, the genie was out of the bottle. Now they'll put him or his relatives or sock puppets back whenever they're allowed to do so. 

The biggest disappointment for me remains the pathetic attitudes of the Bangkokians and other Thai who know better but won't vote against their own interests because they're essentially beneficiaries of the corruption and, at the end of the day, aren't willing to suffer even minor inconvenience to get real change. Oh, and the even-more-pathetic foreign cheerleaders (Steven100, care to offer another full-throated defense of the powers-that-be?).

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1 hour ago, spidermike007 said:

Though Thaksin was beloved by millions, and did a far better job than Prayuth could ever dream of doing, it seems that the family is fairly toxic at this point. Time for some new blood. Some smart, creative, youthful leadership. 

Oh, you mean the Future Forward Party? Gee, what happened with those guys?

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