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REVEALED: Three Chinese spy balloons infiltrated the US during Trump administration but he NEVER shot them down or told the public - as Republicans call for Biden to resign for putting Americans at risk


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It seems the Pentagon has confirmed that three Chinese balloons flew (or is that drifted?) Over the USA under the Trump administration, several media have reported 


This explains why the government was sure they were Chinese. Previous experience.

No confirmation yet on the purpose of the latest balloon (I guess Trump allowed the earlier ones to escape as he may have had confirmation they were harmless), although having fallen into 47 feet of water the latest balloon should have been retrieved by now.

It would be helpful if the truth could be revealed as the speculation is driving me crazy. 


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2 hours ago, Skipalongcassidy said:

Where's your follow up to your post... it has been corrected that it was a lie that there were any balloons flown over the USA by the chinese during Trump.


Oh well... as usual no follow up when the lies are found out to be Trump syndrome and not fact... 555

The US Department of Defense said three other of these crafts 'briefly transited the continental United States at least three times during the prior administration.' “

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The term "at least" in "at least three times during the Trump administration" suggests some uncertainty so there could be more.  Now it's being reported in the NYT and elsewhere: 


"The information on the three balloon transits in the Trump years was discovered after that administration had left, a senior Biden administration official said on Sunday night."  NYT


Sounds like they may be digging through old surveillance data.

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10 hours ago, nauseus said:

Once again - no evidence - just hearsay with no detail. If there were truly three previously under Trump then at least one of them would have made the news. I expect that The Billings Gazette will know. But will they tell?!

Weather balloons with surveillance equipment have been crossing borders for more than 70 years, so nothing new really.



What are ‘spy balloons’ and why are they used?

Surveillance balloons have a long history in espionage, and continue to provide some spying advantages, experts say


a good read


https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2023/2/5/explainer-what-are-spy-balloons-and-why-are-they-used#:~:text=History of surveillance balloons&text=Primitive forms of surveillance balloons,stretched from 1861 to 1865.

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7 hours ago, soi3eddie said:

Why did the USA have to destroy the balloon. Surely it would have been more useful if there was some way to quietly intercept and capture it for further forensic examination to ascertain it's exact purpose?



Americans like to shoot things. Thats their favorite way to solve problems , with a gun.

Remember when the USSR shot down the U2 spy plane, they are all at it.

What I don't understand is how do you send a balloon anywhere , doesn't it only go where the wind takes it?

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