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Big Joke woes: Warrant issued for money laundering


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54 minutes ago, dinsdale said:

Big Joke woes: Warrant issued for money laundering

"The outcome of this legal request remains to be seen, .... ."

This means the issuance of a warrent has not yet been granted by the court. Once again a complete rubbish headline from pseudo journalists.

You could read other sources for the correct story about the warrant that has been issued this afternoon.

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Arrest warrant issued for Pol Gen Surachate on money laundering charges




The Ratchadapisek Criminal Court issued a warrant this afternoon for the arrest of Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn, the deputy national police chief, on the grounds that there is sufficient evidence that he was involved in money laundering in connection with an online gambling platform and attempted to dodge summonses issued by police investigators.


The Thung Song Hong enquiry officers in charge of the money laundering case had issued three successive summonses for Surachate to report to acknowledge the charges against him on April 1st, but they were all ignored in what is believed to have been a delaying tactic, forcing the officers to seek a warrant from the court.


The court considered the request at about 4pm today and decided to issue the arrest warrant.


It was reported that Surachate had cancelled all his appointments, turned off his cell phone and booked a flight to a southern province this evening, after he learned of the issuance of the arrest warrant.


Full story: Thai PBS 2024-04-03


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12 hours ago, snoop1130 said:

implications for the reputation of the police force and the rule of law in Thailand.

What implications? Are they worried people might think they're corrupt 🤔 😆😆😆

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So Big Joke has left for England I'm wondering if anyone has heard anything about Joe Ferrari has he done any jail time yet???? Or is he doing a Taksin??? 5 minutes in jail then off to the golf course. 

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