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Thailand listed among top 10 countries with highest number of sex workers worldwide

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2 hours ago, snoop1130 said:

The report also ranked the countries with the highest number of sex workers. Standing at the top is China, with 5 million workers

With a population of 1.4 Billion that's not a lot per capita, compared to Thailand's Population of just 67 Million Thailand would come out first maybe, but I can't be asked to do the Math.

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23 minutes ago, ftpjtm said:

I wouldn't be surprised if there are 250,000 in Pattaya alone

I have seen estimates of 3000 bars left after covid, normal beer bars to more red light bars. How many agogo? 


How many prostitutes would that give you, 


15 000? 

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2 hours ago, bokningar said:

To put things in perspective. Thailand same as China in this.


Country Population Sex-workers %
Philippines 117337368 800000 0,68%
Germany 83294633 400000 0,48%
Mexico 128455567 500000 0,39%
China 1425671352 5000000 0,35%
Thailand 71801279 250000 0,35%
US 339996563 1000000 0,29%
South Korea 51784059 147000 0,28%
India 1428627663 3000000 0,21%
Bangladesh 172954319 200000 0,12%
Brazil 216422446 250000 0,12%

It would be interesting to see how many locals work in those jobs in different countries.

It seems in some countries many of the sex workers are from other countries. 

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