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Thailand eases COVID-19 restrictions - but only for people who are vaccinated

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That's a Yellow card needed if non vaccinated and have recovered from covid or you have had a negative ATK rapid test done in the past 7 days.  Green card needed to shop in malls or a Yellow card, how

Open for 7% of population 😂

We’ve seen the flip, the flop is coming soon.

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17 hours ago, 2long said:

Total <deleted>n madness.

Many families won't ALL be double jabbed.

Many people are waiting for a jab, as am I.

Can they really rely on restaurant owners to turn people away or judge who to let in?

I hope and wait for the flop after the flip... or to read that many people say 'my green card is in the post/mail' and get entry.

I'm jabbed, wife isn't.


But it seems I am still not allowed to go to a restaurant. Work that one out!

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Now only remains the rules and document to prove what is vaccinated  (  or X....times and how many time after last one to be considered as "vaccinated "

And who go give out those green cards , which administration ?

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