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Reopening delayed to Nov 1st - music may be allowed in restaurants, but only early evening

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'music may be allowed in restaurants,'   I would advise people not to get in the way of check-in desks at airports around the world. With music possibly allowed in Thai restaurants, tourists

infatile adults treating adults like children 

I do wish they would stop pussy footing around either the country is ready to open up, which means everything for everyone or its not, if its not fit for the local public to enjoy themselves why would

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The Masked Singer!


Singing allowed in hazmat suit with full astronaut helmet decorated to your liking.

For alternative, the Darth Vader type with proper HEPA filter will be considered.

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How can the people responsible for the gaudy decor be allowed to walk free? Absolute eye pollution.

Lookout, electric guitars could be banned next!

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Just now, steven100 said:

I'd ban some thai music too .....      have you ever sat in a shop/restaurant eating with the TV at maximum volume.

I prefer the old aunties watching Thai Lakorns at full volume while I'm trying to eat

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OK - so am I the only one that thought curfew was moved to 10pm a couple of months back?


Just that we've been acting on that basis as if it is fact since we thought it had moved and so has everyone else we know.


It's really still 9pm?

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