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Why Do You Stay?

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5 minutes ago, CharlieH said:

Better the devil you know for many.

I totally can understand what you're saying here. And what you said made a lot a sense. The thoughts and plans you have at the age you start may not align with your future self. With that said, by the time you look up, the world you once knew already moved on. So you live where and what you know.

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2 minutes ago, DavisH said:

Some people are never happy anywhere. Then they die. That must be a sad way to live. 

I think that can be true for some, but what I am seeing is that some of the unhappiness comes from a sense of weariness about a person's position in life. My wish for everyone is to have at least one slice of happiness in their lives, whatever it may be, to at least have had that moment to live. You're comment gave me the feels over here. LOL.

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