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Frustrated with Pattaya beach deckchair businesses!


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And now with 4 days holiday coming up prices will be going up for sure, that's how they operate, on an opportunistic whims...

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1 hour ago, simon43 said:

Well, I'm only in Pattaya for maybe 1 more week.  All my Lazada orders have finally arrived, so I can move on to Isaan 🙂

Ah.....I think I'll nip down Ladbrokes and see what odds I can get on you remaining there for more than 6 months .

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The price of a coconut is 30 baht and to rent a chair is 100 baht. You arranged a free chair while you drank the coconut. The vendor assuming you would do that in a reasonable time. I think you tried to linger too long and have a 'free' chair. 

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3 hours ago, simon43 said:

It's not as if people are queuing up to sit in their deckchairs and buy food/drink.

That's exactly why you are being pestered for money from them. you answered your own question

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