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NATO should recruit Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, and more, ex-commander says


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Already seen the limits with Turkey and Bulgaria onboard, so to be sure we weakened our lines and exceed our capacity to support and respond in crisis bring them onboard. Great suggestion 👌 



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46 minutes ago, Korat Kiwi said:

Given its small size NZ has contributed whenever and wherever it can. 


Somalia, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, East Timor to name a few and ongoing support to NATO missions throughout the world. 


The NZ government may not have supported its military to the extent that it could have, I would add.  But soldiers/airmen or sailors have always done the best they could given what they had. (Beg steal and borrow does come to mind). 

Yes, you have confirmed by view of NZ as seen from Oz and elsewhere: A taker not a giver. The beg, borrow or steal bit is notorious in the Oz military.

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3 hours ago, webfact said:

Former Nato supreme allied commander James Stavridis suggested the military alliance recruit Asia-Pacific countries that share ‘its vision of freedom’


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This is already well underway and is to include Japan, Korea, Philippines etc. The Empire is building its counter alliance to China/Russia.  Good luck getting Thailand to commit to a military alliance that is a thinly veiled counter to China.

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