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Thailand to accelerate vaccine rollout to all foreigners aged over 60

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The local hospital out here in the boonies has started vaccinating people over the age of 60. Since I’m over that threshold,  yesterday I decided to see if I could receive whatever vaccine. Basically,

Hang on, that  was 6 months ago......

And will get vaccinated next year.

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I had an appointment yesterday in the hospital for the 1st jab of Astra. My previous appointment was 6 July but than there did not had they told me.  I am 62. So yesterday I went, but they wnated to give me Sinovac again. I told them no, I have an appointment for Astra, but they look if they saw water burning and said The Government said first jab must be Sinovac.  Now I did not make a new appointment because 2 times waiting for nothing.. they don't get the chance for the 3rd time

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39 minutes ago, ThailandRyan said:

Why not just open it up to all adults to get vaccinated.  Many under 60 seem to be getting infected and even dying.  Yet it was important to vaccinate those under 60 in the Sandbox and the Samui+ locales.  Boggles the mind actually, and yes I know that those over 60 are high risk but so are those under 60 that have underlying conditions that this registration leaves out.

Read again : , didn't you see the comma sign after 60     meaning those with underlying conditions are already in the group


"The three groups who should be vaccinated against Covid-19 immediately are the over 60s,  people with seven underlying health conditions and pregnant women. "

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4 minutes ago, ikke1959 said:

Anyone knows what they will give you??? Sinovac or Astra?

Over 60s get AZ.

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22 minutes ago, Moonlover said:

I was registered at least 3 months ago and I didn't have to go searching for it, they came to my door!


Had AZ1 in June and going back for AZ2 next month. Clearly someone in our district read the bottom line.

same same.

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1 hour ago, webfact said:

And for what is believed to be the the first time in an official letter foreigners are specifically mentioned. 



And a simple Google Forms page, in English. which took me all of 120 seconds to complete and submit. (shades of the old, old, old Vimut form)


Now if only registrations were effective.



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Yes I am sitting here just wondering what everyone is talking about----because I was reading July......

Really the Mods should have stepped in and said something or this would have just carried on.


Mods reset to start again....PLEASE



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