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SURVEY: What's your vaccination status?

SURVEY: What's your vaccination status?  

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With the vaccine rollout well under way, what is your vaccination status?


Please feel to leave a comment.


A thank you to one of our members for suggesting the topic.

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Top Posters In This Topic

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So after only 16 replies it's obvious that the 'survey' is badly designed. Doesn't allow for those who are already double-vaxed, whether in Thailand or elsewhere ...   Start again with a bet

always the sign of a bad poll when most have chosen 'other'   why isn't double AZ on the list?

Two shots of Az here in Thailand.  

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Fully vaccinated with AZ. Still waiting on the verdict (getting conflicting info there) if a so-called ‘booster shot’ in the winter with either Pfizer, AZ or Moderna will do any good. Happy I’m fully vaccinated, but still being quite careful, no 100% going back to ‘normal’ for me any time soon, thank you very much. 

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had my first pfizer vaccination, second one in October, wife is getting her first moderna vaccination in October as well at a private hospital in Bangkok, has been confirmed


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