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go-go bars gone?

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far too many bars and gogo's in pattaya anyways. control their numbers and relocate them further away from city centre and beach area where "families and quality tourists" (?) can stay. the recent mixed messages from senior muppets in response to Prayuths monday night grandstanding smells of disunity (not to mention alleged conflict with deputy muppet). IMHO unseating of top muppet is inevitable.    

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1 hour ago, Kinnock said:

The girl-bar scene had been contracting before COVID.  Bangkok's Soi 33 bars all died before COVID and Soi 22 was also fading.  Patpong had been struggling too, and although Cowboy was still busy - it's a very small street so the business was concentrated on a few popular bars.


The European and US expats are a reducing population due to their advanced age profile and the changing nature of foreign businesses - causing a move to ex-pats from China, Korea and Japan.  The profile of tourists also shifted with more coming from China and India due to changing economic fortunes.


So the customer base for the traditional go-go bars changed, and COVID just accelerated the decline.


Pre-COVID, Pattaya's Walking Street was full of Chinese tourist marching down the centre of the street taking selfies, but never going in the bars, plus groups of Indian men trying to buy girls for 20 Baht.


The bars that survive will have adapted to the new customer profile; Japanese only hostess bars, exclusive venues for rich Thais, low end bars catering to Indian men.  The bars owned by the BIB, such as Crazy House, will thrive, as they are set up as industrial scale petting zoos for the Chinese, but a bar where a falang can chat with a pretty girl for pri e of a drink are a feature of a bygone age.

With all do respect, but I don't agree.

Thailand never had so many expats and foreign tourist as just before the pandemic. The country has never been more popular worldwide. I don't see what the ethnicity of the tourist/expats, or the foreign business relations of the Thai government have to do with "men" visiting a go-go bar. The biggest consumer base of go-go bars is still Thai man, it's incorrect to state that less "western" people visit Thailand (the opposite is true), so there is no change of costumer base. I would say there is an addition of Indian/Chinese tourist, which also has big big spenders with them. 

Why would a bar need to adapt to one particular cultural profile? That would be ridiculous and obviously very bad for business. 

Go-go bars are found in every little corner in Thailand, and will not change as long as their is demand. 

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9 minutes ago, KhaoNiaw said:

Go-go bars are very much for western tourists. The Thai bars you're talking about are almost always karaoke places. 

Definitely not. You can call it all you want, but a place where you can take a girl home against a certain fee is a go-go bar, no matter if they  offer karaoke, pool, food or just a drink with company. 


These places all found all over Thailand, even in very remote places. 

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