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Expletives fly as octogenarian Brit crashes car into traffic kiosk - then gets out and urinates beside vehicle


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Nothing to see here lol Just an old guy that got confused.  Parked the car in the parking spot and could not hold it. 


My father god bless his soul decided that he needed a nap so when he stopped a a red light in the middle lane of the road did so.

For some reason no one thought it was funny. Police even had the temerity to take away his license all because he did not get enough sleep the night before.

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7 hours ago, SAFETY FIRST said:

Go the Pom's. 


Good to see that the old guy wasn't crossing the busy road beneath a pedestrian overpass. 


DUI, much better option 



Safety first would be to keep your Australian name for the English where it originated . 

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4 hours ago, Mr Meeseeks said:

We used to be fine in Thailand, and with a Sterling reputation, until budget air travel started, and the lower classes that used to frequent Spain and Greece could afford to come here.

i agree time to go to Bhutan.

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7 hours ago, Real Name Hidden said:

I guess he was trying to put out the fire 

... or he might have believed it was a occupied Public P(ee) Box and just couldn't keep it any longer - if so, fair enough ... :thumbsup:

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6 hours ago, Gottfrid said:

Just another brit, that makes us look like fools. Unfortunately, an over represented nationality standing for bad publicity.

It doesn't take much doing in some cases.

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