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People don't understand sarcasm on this forum?

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I read lots of posts that are obviously meant as sarcastic and find them very amusing, try to do the same myself yet so many replies from others seem to take them seriously. Only just joined the forum

Computers will understand sarcasm before Americans do. Geoffrey Hinton

Yep. This is the least 'street wise' forum I have ever come across. Also posters can't spot a troll and just believe almost everything they read. Very naive folk on here, who clearly don't venture out

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2 hours ago, Denim said:



Maybe this is why many foreigners steer clear of other foreigners in real life.



I've kept this practice in order for quite some time, very comfortably.

Works for me.

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Sarcasm is a form of communication art that need to be mastered before applied, sarcasm is a tool to say what you want to say without offending anyone and still deliver your message... 

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