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Family offer to sell their eyes and kidneys after trusting policeman and his wife


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Picture: Sanook


A municipal council worker in the north east of Thailand went on a march with a banner offering to sell his family's eyes and kidneys after he acted as a guarantor to a close friend's wife.


Rakthewa, 48, in Kemmarat district of Ubon Ratchathani told Sanook that in 2014 he had put his house and land up to guarantee the purchase of a tractor for 860,725 baht.


He had been asked by his childhood friend Pol Sen Sgt Manit of the Natan police to act as guarantor for his wife Jurairat.


He was promised there would be no trouble.


He agreed because, after all, what could be more trustworthy than a Thai policeman. 


It didn't turn out well.


Jurairat reneged on installments and after several court judgments later Rakthewa is faced with having his house and a little over nine rai of land auctioned off to pay for the money owed. 


He lives there with his wife and two boys.


They are now on a 100 km march to the town hall in central Ubon Ratchathani to meet the governor. 


They also hope to see Thai PM Prayuth Chan-ocha who is due in Ubon today. 


The vinyl sign they are carrying says they will sell their eyes and kidneys to get money to repay the 860,000 baht.


Rakthewa said he was prepared to do that or sell any other body part people wanted. 


Sanook reported that many villagers turned out along the way to offer their support.



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Strange behavior to say the least, not sure whether they knew that their gesture is pretty much an empty one as donating organs not like donating a personal belonging or an animal as it's tightly controlled practice...

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7 minutes ago, BangkokReady said:

Very sad and a hard lesson to learn.  Never go guarantor on anyone else's loan, ever.


Legally you're agreeing that if they cannot (or simply don't want to) pay back the loan, you will pay it back for them.  It seems quite common that people default also.


Cruel that someone's childhood friend would do this to them.  I wonder if selling the actual vehicle to recoup some of the loss is a possibility.

Yeah its so obvious, i mean cmon but yet i know dozens of thais who got rekt for doing this, they just don't listen... Some of them well educated, intelligent people... i don't know what goes on in their heads.

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I always thought it was foolish to guarantee other people like this. But Thais get pressured a lot to do this. The one who is in the wrong is the policemans wife. Not the company that took the house they were in their rights. It is also the mistake of the guy for signing the papers. 


Its a sad story but could have been prevented by not signing and the bank is not wrong at all. First wrong is the wife of policeman second this guy that signed for her. The company collecting is just doing what is normal.

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1 hour ago, KKr said:

one wonders why this good man, with a steady salary and a government job, did not guarantee the loan.

Could it be he didn't trust her to pay it back or was he the one who came up with the scam? 

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5 hours ago, ThomasThBKK said:

i don't know what goes on in their heads.

what goes on in their heads is very simple - and eye for an eye thinking.

just interest.

why did he aggree to support a policeman? because he hoped for the policeman

support in case he will need some favor, like taking out a competitor's eye

or threatening a debtor.

that is all there is to it. sheer selfishness.

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Spoken over the years with several Thais embarking on this perilous endeavour of standing as guarantor


They have all exhibited the same mental blinkers to the obvious (to the rest of the world) dangers. Even when mapped out in baby logic they wont face facts:

 The bank who are time served experts in this field refuse to grant this person credit without a third  party indemnifying the debt. Yet you, with no fiscal reserves or prior experience, think its all fine & dandy for you to do so ????


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6 hours ago, BangkokReady said:

Very sad and a hard lesson to learn.  Never go guarantor on anyone else's loan, ever.

Unless if done under duress, gunpoint with six (6, yes) plastic bags over your head, duct taped tightly around your neck while a certain owner of a Ferrari and a Lambo yells at you to SIGN THAT แม่งโคตร LOAN GUARANTEE NOW!!!!

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