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US Imported Tens of Millions of Used Medical Gloves From Thailand, Reports Say


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Ask yourself this question........why is there a sign in every hotel in Thailand that requests you not to dispose of prophylactics in the toilet?  :coffee1:


Edit:  To clarify for NNE speakers, a prophylactic is (amongst other things) the old skool word for a condom.  But just realised that even the Covid 19 vaccine is a prophylactic.  Go figure.

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6 minutes ago, malibukid said:

ever try and get one, lol, no refund in Asia, sorry Charlie.

i heard that the American tried to confront the Thai Company and was accused of attempted kidnapping?  but released. and sent packing back to the States. how dare he. is this true?  touchy egos, loss of face. typical.  i hope the FTC makes some arrest here and all responsible are extradited to the States for criminal prosecution. 

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This isn't a particularly "Thai" problem. In Asia most gloves are produced in the rubber growing countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. The issue is massive demand for gloves and a slew of middlemen and newly incorporated PPE supply companies all looking to make a quick buck. People want to make as much money as possible so they skimp on pre deal due diligence about who's supplying the gloves, don't want to pay for SGS or TUV to do pre-load inspections, want the cheapest price which is offered by ' No 1 Happy Lucky Massive Glove Ltd' and then send payment up front. 

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13 minutes ago, Nojohndoe said:

While many of these gloves have been found their way to the US how many were also sold on the local market? I bought a box via Lazada that seemed to be very cheap at the time. I have never used them apart from a few to test them which was a failure because they tore as they stretched.

At the time I concluded I had been suckered into buying very old perished  stock which accounted for the failure.

Now I have a different conclusion to consider. The box full still sits under the kitchen sink. I wonder if I can still qualify for a refund ? lol

good luck, this is Asia

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1 hour ago, ChipButty said:

You have to hand it to Thai's they never miss an opportunity to scam someone

Maybe people think this doesn't happen in the US, but believe me it is much worse. The media just put other countries in the spotlight.

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