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Foreign Man Throws Glass At A Thai Woman In A Dog Cafe


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1 hour ago, jacko45k said:

So people go sit drinking coffee in a room full of yapping mutts?


Because some people cannot go out without their precious dog.

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20 minutes ago, sungod said:


Alcohol can make people aggressive (unlike puff) so far more likely he'd been on the sauce..... 🙂 

Also possible, or simply hung over from prior indulgences.

Yapping dogs can be very irritating ... should be banned!

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1 hour ago, arick said:

How can you compare a Thai woman and a dog cafe in Pattaya compared to a doctor from Phuket.

Yeah, and why is she half naked in the video?

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But some eary climate is developing. Take the global picture: visa, tax, and all these little Farang incidents being blown out of proportion in the median, must be orchestrated somehow...

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