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Tourists looking to enter Thailand past November 1 still told to book quarantine accommodations


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28 minutes ago, HashBrownHarry said:

Anyone with any history in Thailand would not make any arrangements to arrive in Thailand expecting no quarantine.


It's been the same with all changes in quarantine procedures, wait till it happens and then monitor before booking.

That should take us through nicely to Q1 2022 and another peak season missed.

You would have thought the details might have been agreed before the PM hit the airwaves and left more questions than answers.


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1 minute ago, RafPinto said:


Even a small percentage of the unvaccinated/vaccine waned/vaccine not effective parts of the population and the health care system pressures begin to build.

Picture a mouse on a wheel running.

I still think this horror show is going to drift on and on.


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I think that it's clear Pinnochio goes on Facebook* and spouts his nonsense... and then he uses the public reaction and real-world experts'** ideas to come up with a real plan.

Not only does this save him the time and effort to think***, but it also allows others to show his errors before he actually acts... thus saving his ugly face!


*a platform he wants to block at times when others post things he doesn't like

**ThaiVisa members for example! ????

***not his greatest skill

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5 hours ago, bkk6060 said:

Nothing firm was announced yet.  Seems people are being kind of stupid at this point since there is no firm commitment as to what the new requirements are.  The embassies have no choice but to advise them on the current requirements.  

The latest news are that a clear announcement will be made within days, hopefully this week. Obviously, as no definite announcement has been made the embassies/consulates have to go by existing regulations regarding COE, hotel quarantine etc.

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15 minutes ago, Cherrytreeview said:

So after my 2 flight, 20 hour trip, i can look forward to any amount of hastles.

Arrived in Phuket last month, swab taken outside airport.

Taxi to hotel, wait for two hours.

Test results in and I was free to roam Phuket.


There was a long line when getting off the plane to check all the paperwork so be sure to get a seat near the exit.

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