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Foreigners eager to visit to Thailand, but few have actually booked flights: Poll

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You can't make solid plans on quicksand.  The government has shown in the last 6+ mo that they will change things on a whim.  No one wants to try and make vacation plans until there is a period of tim

That's because this seasons holidays have already been booked for other countries. Until there are NO HOOPS, nobody will be booking a holiday in Thailand next year either.

Better to make a survey:   How old are you: Single or family: Reason for coming?Boom boom or temple viewing? Do you want to visit bars, drink and have fun?   That sh

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"sure am eager" left first week in May everything shut and town deserted much the same today was hoping they would finally get there act together was to be there nov but now early spring 22.

They should not open there are few tourists prepared to chance it

love to know the no. enquiring at embassies and the airline bookings would give an accurate figure




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9 hours ago, 4MyEgo said:

Did they mentioned that the bars, go go places and establishments that usually entertain male tourists with huge testosterone levels such as myself would all be closed. I don't think so, would it have made a difference then, I think so, because after a crash and burn event, one carries on to either the beach or the hotel pool for some R&R, that is the beauty of a holiday in Thailand for males with huge testosterone levels, IMO, having been there, done that.


This GIF from r/instant_regret of a drunk dude eating sand is the most  Revere Beach thing ever. You can legit SEE this gu... | Ryan Broderick |  Scoopnest

Testosterone levels, high or low is irrelevant.

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