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Paetongtarn Shinawatra: the new heir of Thailand’s controversial political dynasty


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4 hours ago, internationalism said:

her mother was proposed as candidate to PM office.

Looks, like an outgoing leader is in full agreement with party stance and resigned for some other reason. Maybe independent house speaker or such similar post he is reading.

They will try to push move forward for the margin, barely present in parliament.

The last time move forward gained a lot of voices from the disbanded just a week before election some thaksin satellite party, who nominated princes ubol for the PM.

This time it won't happen.

The constitutional court might well disband any party, including move forward, just after election, so votes will be wasted and giving advantage to royalists.

Also after the election they will throw lese majeste at winning candidates. They have already admitted it

Sounds about right. Same as it ever was.

Though, with one exception - it's been long understood that the Shinawatras find the Move Forward clan more of a threat than a brethren. I believe there is lesser love lost and a bit of a chill between the two. 


Wondering why it took them so long to begin pushing his offspring, as they've been slowly groomed and subliminally promoted for some time now. 


Nonetheless, this opposition [which really isn't alternative/opposition at all] talk does keep any such stimulation stirred up for the sake of rhetoric - nothing will come of the whimsy and hope. All of your commentary above will prove largely true and the traditional ruling classes will have their way......as they always have.

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5 hours ago, Misterwhisper said:

Like weeds in the flower bed. You may get rid of them for some time, but rather sooner than later they always return. Always!

It's like couch-grass, you think it's gone but wait a while and it's back.

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2 minutes ago, simon43 said:

I'm very happy to see the public return of the Shinawatra family into Thai politics ????  They were the best for Thai politics before, and given the opportunity to replace the current 'rabble', they will be the best again!  Great news ????

Actually, there's no such beast as best for _____________[fill in the blank] politics - anywhere. 


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