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Covid Tales 3: Expat who loves Thailand makes plea to PM

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file photo   Today we continue our series about people with a tale to tell about Covid.    Of course, billions around the world have got their own story on what has been a life def

....and why you are at it, could something please be done about the bar fines?  

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33 minutes ago, Headgame said:


This has got to be a finalist in the Goofiest Letter of the Year to the Editor poll.


Like you I don’t drink or have never been to Pattya in 11years in TH but seriously you are going do your part to help the Thai people by visiting Patts and pleading with the PM? Anybody with a brain and some common sense knows that the only thing that’s going to save TH is an election.


Till then the screwing of the Thai people every where will continue unabated.


i’m not a pessimist by nature but the situation here is so bad it may be incapable of recovery for at least 5 years. 


William, send a follow up letter to the PM.

Dear Marjorie , 

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