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Thai roads are deathtraps to motorcyclists, says campaigner: Spend 15 billion a year to save 7,500 lives


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I must admit the roads around Phuket are in good condition the biggest problem we have is the way people drive and ride their bikes, lots of roads have been widened and better lighting, 

In the area we live the biggest problem we have there is no foot paths and the roads are not that wide when you get wagons flying down the road.

I do know of a guy who has been clipped a couple of times out jogging, 

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2 minutes ago, toofarnorth said:

Where I sit and watch the world and traffic go by it is common to see a car driver get in his car and just go , so many times a scooter/bike is about to go past but the car driver has no concern about who might be coming along and the saddest part is the bike rider expects it , no blast on the hooter ( I do ) just pulls back in behind the car.

Bike riders coming up the inside of you when driving a car

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Totally agree! Back in 2008 I went to Koh Samui. I rent a scooter and went about the island. Didn't keep enough distance to the car in front of me, that was my bad, and went through a pothole that I didn't see coming that was like 20 centimeters deep and about 1.5 meters long at a speed of about 100km/h. The rear rim hit the far edge and luckily for me didn't disintegrate on impact, but shortly thereafter, so I had to buy a new one before returning the bike. This easily could've ended my life. 

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