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Pattaya to get huge new beachside development

Jonathan Fairfield

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7 hours ago, treetops said:

This is news because someone just posted it on Facebook?  It was in the papers 5 months ago along with another development in Bangkok.




Guys you should click this link.......Very interesting.....That new development in Chinatown looks like the perfect weapon to DESTROY Chinatowns  uniqueness and character, which may also be the plan for Pattaya...

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From the first picture the structures are huge much larger than the Ghost Tower ( Bali H ) someone needs to keep a eye on the approval process since the last Mayor approved the Ghost Tower and now that his brother is in charge there should be lots of questions prior to any approval hopefully it hasn't happen yet!  This point time to keep track of the bank accounts of all those involved?🤫

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14 hours ago, Denim said:

This will be  featured in the ' Abandoned Buildings ' thread a few years from now.

Another huge concrete chicken coup that most definitely will not resemble the "artistic impression".

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