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Condo ownership by foreigners revealed: China tops, UK in third


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I think the Thai real estate business over estimated the "Chinese future buyers".



Look in what mess Chinese real estate is:

Evergrande in deep trouble and now joined by "Fantasia Properties".


China will control the money, leaving the country.

China is already closing down on Bitcoin and co.


I guess it will be very difficult to get money out of China.


Thailand still building like there is no tomorrow, hoping the Chinese will buy everything.

Good luck with that.


Next thing is: Thailand also heavy involved in Crypto. Once the big boss from China orders Thailand to put a stop to it, Thai leaders will follow their masters.

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17 minutes ago, EricTh said:

I see more Americans than British or Russians in Thailand, why aren't they in the top 5?

The stat is for first half of 2021, when did the Americans you see buy their condo...:whistling:

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4 hours ago, webfact said:

Top five for real estate ownership were the Chinese with 20,796 units

Yeh, they would be lucky now to get 10% of the above purchases from now on with China stopping money leaving the country with that huge developer Evergrande about to go bust, going, going, going.....which will eventually end up with the domino effect, I would presume. 


From a news post in September: 


Thailand’s former finance minister and Kla Party Leader Korn Chatikavanij has strongly advised the Thai government to take precautionary steps to protect against any fallout from China’s Evergrande crisis.

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